Physical Therapy

If you recently suffered from an injury, and your physician recommended physical therapy as a means to heal the affected part of your body, visiting a chiropractor can be beneficial in obtaining much-needed treatment. Contact Zia Chiropractic in Hobbs to make an appointment with our practitioner if physical therapy is necessary. Here is a summary of the services you will obtain during your appointment to help reduce the pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

Physical Therapy at Zia Chiropractic in Hobbs

Monitored Exercises to Strengthen Muscles

Physical therapy requires that you move the injured part of your body under the supervision of our chiropractor. You will start with easy exercises using slow movements for short stints. Your range of motion will be checked to determine whether you are progressing with the movement of the body part after a few sessions. If you experience extreme pain at any time, stop exercising and alert our practitioner so a different type of movement can be conducted. Moving the injured part of your body will strengthen the muscles surrounding it and over time will heal the area effectively. Your exercises will increase in intensity and frequency as your muscles strengthen and when pain and discomfort decrease.

Electric Stimulation Will Be Provided

Our practitioner will use an electric stimulation machine to strengthen muscles without movement required. This will be done before or after your exercise regimen. Small sticky pads attached to wires hooked up to our machinery are placed upon the injured part of your body so the muscles underneath them are moved with gentle pulsations, helping them to regain strength without causing injury in the process. This procedure provides relief to areas where pain has settled in and most patients find it to be soothing.

Massage Is Administered As Needed

In addition to electric stimulation, manual movements of the injured area using a hands-on approach by our chiropractor will help to reduce stress in the body and encourage healing. Our chiropractor will administer gentle massage to the body as needed. This may be conducted in conjunction with spinal adjustments. This helps to reduce the stress placed upon joints in the body and often reduces discomfort immediately. Our practitioner will first conduct an evaluation of the injury to determine whether adjustments and massage will be beneficial to the injury and will conduct these procedures to soothe the muscles and increase blood circulation, which will help the body to heal quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in finding out more about physical therapy and the other services we provide, contact Zia Chiropractic in Hobbs. Call our office at (575) 318-2640 to make an appointment for an initial consultation appointment with our chiropractor or to inquire about our scheduling availability today. 


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