Auto Accident Injury Treatment

You can access prompt auto accident injury treatment at Zia Chiropractic to prevent complications, especially from non-obvious injuries to the spine. Our Hobbs chiropractors specialize in providing post-accident care to patients needing urgent relief for mild to disabling pain and other symptoms. We can perform X-rays to determine the extent of your injury before tailoring an integrative chiropractic care plan to help you recover fast.

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Common Auto Accident Injuries

Cuts, bruises, broken bones, spinal injuries, or any of the following may occur:

  • Head and brain injuries including contusions, concussions, or traumatic brain injuries, and lacerations.
  • Neck and back injuries such as whiplash, sprains, strains, dislocated spinal bones (subluxation), herniated discs, and spinal cord compression.
  • Soft tissue injuries, for example, stretched or torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

Symptoms of Car Accident Injuries

  • Swelling
  • Back or neck pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck or body stiffness
  • Shoulder or chest pain
  • Reduced mobility

Why You Should Get Treated Right Away

Prompt auto accident injury treatment helps to protect your health and well-being as well as enable you to file a successful personal injury claim. Car crash injuries are not always visible or show symptoms right away. A prime example is whiplash or neck sprain, an injury that may herniate the cervical discs or dislocate the spinal joints. However, it may take 24 hours or more before you feel pain or experience other symptoms.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment Provided by Your Chiropractor in Hobbs, NM

Seeing our chiropractors immediately after the accident helps us to properly diagnose and treat you to prevent your symptoms from getting worse or causing loss of mobility. Non-invasive spinal adjustments and soft tissue mobilization provide lasting pain relief for musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Adjustments: Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure on the spinal structures, mobilize the joints, bones, and tissue, and help the nervous system function normal again. Adjustments allow nutrients to flow to the spine thereby helping to reduce inflammation and providing an environment for healing.
  • Spinal Decompression: This is a form of traction therapy used to stretch the spine and relieve pain caused by slipped or herniated discs. Lengthening the spine makes room for the discs to move back between the vertebrae and heal. It also corrects nerve interference caused by spinal cord compression.
  • Healing and Repair Therapies: Ultrasound is a soft-tissue therapy used to minimize pain, relieve stiffness, and reduce inflammation. We also encourage patients to do corrective exercises. This helps to repair and strengthen the tissue as well as stabilize the bones and joints.

Heal and Recover With Natural Treatments at Zia Chiropractic

Chiropractic care may be ideal for patients seeking drug-free, surgery-free solutions for their accident injury symptoms. At Zia Chiropractic, we aim to provide the highest level of personalized care to all our patients. Visit our clinic in Hobbs, NM or call 575-318-2640 to schedule an appointment.


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